The Political Development Forum:

The Political Development Forum (PDF-Yemen) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental institution for intellectual and cultural activities, which was established for the principle Towards Safe and Sustainable Political Development. The Political Development Forum (PDF-Yemen) is the carrier of comprehensive and sustainable development as it contributes to the realization of wide-spread and effective political participation as a means of achieving safe and secure political development.

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Enhancing the leadership and administrative skills of women working in public sector:

This programme aims at training 75 leading women working at local authority and government institutions on administrative and leadership skills in order to further empower them to advocate and defend their rights. The programme aims also to gain the trust

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Yemen 2020


National Dialogue Support Programme NDSP:

The National Dialog Support Programme (NDSP)aims to contribute to a Yemeni-led inclusive and successful National Dialogue process, which provides the necessary framework for the overall political transition process and for a stable, peaceful and democratic Yemen.

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