The Political Development Forum:

The Political Development Forum (PDF-Yemen) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental institution for intellectual and cultural activities, which was established for the principle Towards Safe and Sustainable Political Development. The Political Development Forum (PDF-Yemen) is the carrier of comprehensive and sustainable development as it contributes to the realization of wide-spread and effective political participation as a means of achieving safe and secure political development.

The Political Development Forum main objectives are:
  • Comprehensive observation and evaluation of political development in Yemen.
  • Expand the public interest in general political affairs as effective means towards wider political participation.
  • Contribute to peace building through strengthen the overall political transition process.
  • Encourage and motivate the effective political participation of key stakeholders in general and youth, women, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in particular.
  • Disseminate and raise the community awareness of human rights principles that protect all citizens’ unrestricted political participation.
  • Strengthen the political role of (youth, women, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups) through the provision of effective capacity building programs.
  • Conduct studies and provide guidance relevant to political development in Yemen.
  • Eliminate the negative current public impression relevant to the role of political activists.
  • Advocate and defend women’s legal, social, and economic rights, through the implementation of effective programs towards empowerment of Yemeni women.

The PDF performs the following activities toward achieving its main objectives:

  1. Implementation of effective programs
  2. Held separate conferences, workshops and meetings.
  3. Establishing steering committees and national networks.
  4. Publications, training manuals and websites.
The Political Development Forum department chart as follows:

Security Council of Political Development Forum:

  1. Ali Saif Hassan as President
  2. Dr. Nadia Yahya Al Kawkabani as Vice President
  3. Alaa Fadl Saif Hassan as a member
  4. Eyad Ali Saif Hassan as a member
  5. Lawyer Jamal Muhammad Al-Juabi as a member