Mr. Ali Saif Hassan

Executive Director

An independent political and human rights activist, Ali Saif Hassan renounced his membership in the Unionist Nasserite Party, where he had held a number of prominent positions, the last of which was the Assistant Secretary General of the Party. Previously, he had worked as an executive manager for a number of companies in private and public sectors. He has an M.A. in Business Management from the United States


Hakeem H. Azzadeen

Senior Advisor

Studied computer science at Portland State University, Oregon, USA during 1985-1989. Worked as assistant secretary to the Ambassador at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Yemen during 1996 - 1998. From January 1999 - December 2003, he worked as secretary of the Chargé d'affaires at the Romanian Embassy in Sana’a. During the period 2004-2008, worked at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) Yemen Office as Senior Program Officer for the USAID-funded Political Party and Woman Participation Programme. During the period January 2010 - February 2011, worked as Project Manager for the EU-funded Yemen Parliament Watch project at Yemen Polling Center (YPC). He began working as Senior Advisor at the Political Development Forum - Yemen since July 2012.

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Mr. Abdul Ghani Fadhl Al-Eryani


A human rights activist interested in the political participation of youth, Mr. Abdul Ghani Al-Eryani runs his own business. He received his M.A. in Public Health from the United States


Mr. Ali Mohammed Al-Sarari


A Political and human rights activist, journalist, and writer, member of the Yemeni Socialist Party’s Political Bureau and General Secretariat, Mr. Al-Sarari worked as the editor-in-chief for a number of political party and civil newspapers. He has an M.A. in Journalism from Bulgaria